does the current system of funding higher education support student academic learning?

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Looking at validity of the article, it is indeed true that the document is valid because the conclusion reached by the authors is reasonable in light of the theoretical context. The authors have concluded that the current system of funding higher education in UK is inadequate…


The authors have not shown the evidence of Universities that are struggling with issues of funding or the ones trying to cut their costs because of poor funding. One may not believe in the results of the study because the authors do not prove some of their claims such as the real reasons affecting universities funding and the level of investments other governments put in their universities (Connaway & Powell 2010, pp. 63-65). This may help in understanding whether indeed UK underinvests in their higher learning institutions compared to other countries.
The data source is very reliable because the study has been carried out by a professional organization, Russell Group that entails several higher learning institutions. The group also contains academic professionals such as Professor Michael Arthur who is the chairman of the group (Russell Group 2010, pp. 45-50). There are also financial reports that have been used in carrying out the study. The sources used in the study are also relevant and are very reliable. The data used in the study are up to date because none of them is more than ten years old.
Russell Group 2010, Staying on top: The challenge of sustaining world-class higher education in the UK, PP. 1-52, retrieved ...
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