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MKT501 MoD 5 TD Assignment

The use of free offers for instance; provision of free shipping by online marketers may not be quite effective as compared to the provision of coupons for instance discount on goods and services. Free offers such as free shipping for online goods and services usually entail the use extra costs that basically increases operational costs of these companies. On the other hand, provision of coupons i.e. small percentage discounts are more effective owing to the fact that the sellers are usually in a position to determine the amount discount they are willing to give their clients while free offers may entail purchasing and payment of services at costs that may not be controlled by the sellers. For example, assuming an online marketer intends to ship a specific product to his/her client freely using an airplane, he/she is exposed to transportation expenses at costs determined by the transporter.
"Real-World Education for Modern Marketers." MarketingProfs. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Mar. 2014. ...
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This is a modus operandi that basically entails attract a wide clientele base for online marketers. It is an effective method for marketing for not…
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