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Humans should be able to control their nature. Although it is the hardest thing on earth being in conflict with nature, but for those who have fallen in their lives multiple times due to their nature, must think about changing it or dealing with it. This world is for those…

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answer the questions (N)

2. Environmental ethics include extending the boundaries of ethics beyond humans to the natural environment (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2014). How we deal with our surroundings, how we utilize the natural resources, how ‘green’ we are, how much we care about the environment’s sustainability, all of it comes under the concept of environmental ethics. Cutting down trees, releasing toxins in the air, wasting water, dumping plastic bags into the rivers, leaving electricity on when no one is using it, are some examples of violations of environmental ethics.
3. Social poverty is the result of improper division of financial resources, as a result of which social classes are generated. The main elements of social poverty include homelessness, malnutrition, illiteracy, and lack of health resources. Political poverty means a government’s inability to distribute resources among its people fairly. It refers to a government’s failure in managing manifold economic, social and financial issues of the country. Social poverty can be eradicated through proper management of resources among the population, and political poverty can be eradicated through appointment of people-centered people on posts.
4. The causes of environmental health hazards are more important to target. No issue can be resolved without addressing its root cause. Government should take measures at the governmental level, and people should take steps at personal level, to eradicate the causes that cause pollution in the environment, so that related health hazards can be removed. For example, there should be proper sanitary systems and factory related toxin removal systems, so that no dangerous chemicals are released into the environment. This is the only way the effects can be reduced.
5. HDI is “a new way of measuring development by combining indicators of life expectancy, educational attainment and income” (Human Development Reports, 2013, par.1). I think that it is a good ...
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