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Business Communications: Project # 1

Obviously, being at the helm of the department, the vice president in charge of marketing will be the ultimate decision maker. However, the four managers under the marketing department, plus the seven executives would assist the vice president in deciphering the importance of the new system and help in making the correct choice. The second category of readers consists of the officials at the HR, department, whose goal is to implement the system in the entire organization, and they would readily assist the marketing department in setting the whole system up and running.
The telephone conversation that Doug had with the vice president of the marketing department, could tell that he has warmed up to the new system. Possibly, attracted by the swift manner in which the new system would reduce redundancy and increase efficiency. The other managers and the executives within the new system may welcome the system for two major reasons. First, the head of the department has warmed up to the new piece of technology. Second, the managers would be unable to choose from the number of appraisal templates in the database, as the system would be automatically generating relevant ones for the employees. The HR department would welcome the new development, as it would in line with their intended objectives.
The information that the audience may need may be just sufficient to enable them warm up to the new deal. The most relevant piece include; that the system can be custom designed by the HR to fit the unique requirements of the department. Secondly, job updates can be done at any time. Monitoring of employees occurs at real time. Storage of employee performance data is swift and that the system offers automatic and powerful reports. The Hr department, on the other hand might satisfied with the providing the technical details for the ...
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This report has been developed as a response for the dire need for the organization to change from a manual appraisal system to a Web-based performance appraisal system…
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