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Living Wage

Some people would state that employees who live below the poverty level should increase their skills that are set to increase their value to the organization.
In the American magazine, the article “is a living wage just a wage” on the 19th February 2001, addresses the issues revolving around the wage bill. The article states that legislation on the living wage requires businesses, agencies and some organizations, which offer acceptance to government contracts to make payments to their full time employees as a living wage (Melden, 1967). The most vulnerable ethics theory that applies to the above incidence is the deontology theory. This theory states that people should keep their roles obligations and responsibilities when analysing an ethical dilemma. However, this theory lacks the issue of employees’ rights, which is much important. The choice of decision creates a state of dictatorship since no one is entitled to provide his/her views, but only entitled to his/her duties. Ethics provides equity among people who are given a living wage.
Employees feel that they at times discriminated against when they apply for jobs. If an employee is denied a position, which he is qualified for, he/she tends to think that it has to do with his social class. A call for employers to follow the “uniform guidelines on employee selection procedures” should be availed to take into consideration the protected classes on the basis of race, sex, disability, age or religion.
In response to the utilitarianism theory, which is found on the basis of predicting the impacts of a given decision or action. The article “What You Should Look for When Selecting among Employer Health Coverage” published on 16th November 2008 is related to this theory. If an employer selects an employee on racial, religion, age, nationality, sex and disability bases, he is practicing unethical activities, which are discouraged by the utilitarianism theory (The Washington Post ...
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Additionally, the federal government has addressed these issues to some extent with the use of guidelines for the minimum wage. On the other hand, many cities and states…
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