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Reflective Report - Essay Example

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The issue of customer knowledge management is a critical aspect of the modern day business environment because it demonstrates the unique and harmonious relationship that exists between customer, supplier, and business. This concept of knowledge management directly applies to…

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Reflective Report

something and that the business they choose to give is going to be rewarded by an organisation that truly looks out for his or her own best interest. At the same time, the resources that any given business has to deploy are limited. As such, it is equally important that they understand all that they can about any individual supplier or business in their efforts to streamline costs, and maximise exposure and profitability.
It is striking to consider the technology that is available today to meet the increasing demand for knowledge. This has much to do with the daily operations of a business, as customers want and require knowledge quickly and easily. They desire the business to be accessible to them, on their terms, and at their own skill level. I now better understand the nature of my potential in any future business endeavour. The natural objective and purpose behind this concept is to develop a way to organise and assimilate data in a user friendly way that both employee and customer can benefit from. This is easier said than done, but the process of developing customer and brand loyalty is at stake here.
Through this experience, I have learned the nature of customer knowledge management and its various components. From a business perspective, a working knowledge of all the customer within an organisation helps a company stay competitive both locally and globally. It is apparent that customers are no longer by bound by physical and geographical location. It is often just as easy to do business with a company several continents away as it is to associate with a business right down the street. With this reality in mind, companies have begun to treat customer knowledge management processes with renew vigour and enthusiasm (Borges, 2007). This process also means that business today have opened up their doors across borders and they, themselves, are no longer necessarily constricted to time and space. Knowledge, if harnessed properly, enables a business ...
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