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This is because most people believe that with the introduction of technology there are high chances of losing their jobs (Miller & Atkinson, 2013). According to predictions made by economists, although this innovation will result to improvement of productivity, there would be many effects in the case of employees. …


Apart from analyzing productivity, the study also relays more information on how the presence of technology has affected employment opportunities not only in the US but also globally. According to studies, many people are fearful and distrustful when it comes to issues regarding change in places of work. The most feared form of change is the one that involves new and complex technologies. When such changes occur, not only does it instill fear but also result to development of stressful traits among workers, especially the old as well as the less-educated personnel (Jordan, 2012). This is because according to many, introduction of changes usually comes with a number of repercussions, both positive and negative. According to studies, the current generation came with a number of changes, the most common being information technology. This innovation resulted fear among many staff members of companies and organizations. According to studies, people feared this type of change in their places of work since it meant that some people would lose their jobs (Jordan, 2012). Since computers do a number of tasks, this implied that many people suffer joblessness and only few computer literate persons would remain. Apart from fear of losing jobs and becoming useless, technology also has its own benefits as well. This is because introduction of technology in places of work also contributes directly to job creation (Miller & Atkinson, 2013). According to studies, the rate of unemployed people is ever on the rise not only in the US but globally. ...
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