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How to success with social media such as my father - Essay Example

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How to achieve success like my father’s with social media
I am going to talk about success, the most pleasant word a person who aspires to achieve what he has been dreaming all his life wishes to hear. Of course everybody wants success – businessmen, young adults, students, parents – just everybody…

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How to success with social media such as my father

Each has his own way of measuring success. One may view it as ‘making loads of money’, while others may perceive success as fulfillment of goals and maximizing one’s potential. But to be particular, what I’ll be discussing here is about the success achieved by my father through the use of the social media.

Social media are the ‘media for social interaction using web-based and mobile technologies for interactive communication’ . In other words, these are the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Cyworld, LinkedIn and others. You see, my family was poor when I was a child. Though he was already a plastic surgeon then, he had very little patients. But when the “.com” boomed, my father joined the bandwagon and built a plastic surgery website. Through the website he advertised the services he offered and established a good network of clients. He also promoted community network service in the site, thus increasing his visitors’ traffic.

Now I am proud to share with you guys, that my father gained success in his endeavors and now has a big network of marketing service team. Though we may view my father’s success as because of the websites, I will still say that the website is only half of his success. The other half is because of the inner qualities that he possessed to achieve his goals. As Richard St. John puts it, ‘passion, love, hard work, practice, focus, push, ideas and persistence are the secrets to success.’To succeed, a person must have passion for whatever he is doing or promoting. ...
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