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BUS 600: Week 4 DQ 1

Whereas it is true that the subordinate requires respect as a human being and as an employee, the means of communicating with this person and the means by which direction is given is obviously quite different from the way in which communication takes place between a peer or a boss. For instance, with respect to workflow and a discussion that might be taking place between an individual and a subordinate, it would not be uncommon for direct and straightforward demands to be given; either in the form of corrections or in the form of further directions with respect to how a particular project or task should proceed. However, in the eventuality that an individual is talking to a peer, or even more importantly to a boss, the level and extent to which direction can be given is necessarily constrain. Instead, a far more effective approach with respect to communication in this particular context would be for the individual to make recommendations or suggestions regarding the way in which a particular task or work function should take place. By avoiding level of insubordinate seek or suggested arrogant behavior, the forms of communication that should be represented amongst these stakeholders must necessarily be ...
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As a function of such an understanding, it is necessary to understand that there is a distinction differential with regard to communicate persuasively; whether to a…
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