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Assignment example - The impact on countries & companies of sanctions against Russia.

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High school
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The author of this essay mostly focuses on the discussion of the topic of the impact on countries and companies of sanctions against Russia. He gives the detailed analysis of sanctions as an instrument of economic negotiation over the past few years…

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The literature suggests that the use of sanctions increases risk in a country. Several studies have indicated that sanctions in most cases fail to bring the desired outcome. Sanctions on Russia were imposed to solve conflicts by using alternative strategies other than military actions. Russia’s economic and political conditions were aggravated with the sanctions. There had been several negative effects which not only affected Russia, but also other countries like the United States and the European Union were affected. Many companies in the United States who had investment plans in Russia had to suffer losses due to restrictions on business activities. The sanctions would be effective only if there is cooperation and collaboration in business activities among the nations. The Russian Government should change its outlook towards the actions taken in Ukraine in the coming five years. The government should emphasis on portfolio diversification in not only the energy sector, but also other financial sectors. The government should rely on peaceful negotiations with the superpowers like Europe and the United States to sustain growth in the long run. The business environment should be enhanced and trade situations have to be improved. Restrictions on free trade have to be removed so that imports and exports are encouraged. These are the principal steps that the Russian government should seek to achieve in the next five years in order to ensure balanced growth trends in the economical situation. ...
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