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Topic: Factors that affect high turnover in Round

Productivity in an organization is determined by how well the managers can engage all the employees and retain the employees they have trained and developed using the company’s funds. Compensation and remuneration of employees should be based on the employee’s loyalty as well as their professional and technical performance. Loss of productivity and reduced sales are associated with high employee turnover. When employees leave a company they carry with them a lot of experiences, and the company has to get back to the field to look for employees to fill the spaces.
This information must be confirmed and verified through collection of relevant primary data. This will be performed through issuance of questionnaires and objective analysis of the information. The study area is first going to be divided into eight sub-areas for convenience and I will distribute questionnaires in each of the sub-areas. Further, three persons will be interviewed from each sub area as the questionnaires are being filled.
The eight sub-areas were selected and the first day will involve, creating sufficient interviewee-interviewer rapport and collection of relevant data concerning the area. This was conducted as I familiarize with the research tools and the general structure of the organization, Paper Round, including securing permission for research.
A quick introduction to the physical environment at Paper Round was done, and I took time to identify possible respondents and make choices of what tool to use. The questionnaires were used for those respondents who have been part of recent turnover while the interviews will be used for those who have not been. It was important that the interviewer ensure that the confidentiality of the respondents, as well as respect to their beliefs and opinions, is guaranteed.
The questionnaires and interviews were prepared. For the questionnaire, the focus was on the turnover, factors contributing to turnover in Paper Round, measures that the ...
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Deep analysis has been done to support the hypothesis and bring to light several important points. First, it is now clear that Managers and employers have always…
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