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Essay example - Operation Management: Process Design

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This paper has slight similarity to Hogget and Martin’s paper whereby it involves the investigation of experts working within an industrial setting involving decision-making as a tool. The intended audience of this paper are the professionals and students within the field of product development. …

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This paper is about managing flow of information and risks. The content of the paper is reliable. Reason being, it has been prepared with authors who are qualified professionals in matters involving process design. The unique thing about this paper is the fact that it involves the use of various cases studies and reviews of literature in drawing its conclusion about processes involving product development. Furthermore, it offers the appropriate way through which a company could use in reshaping their product development procedure. The authors work relates to the theme topic, in the sense that it talks about factors that contribute to the success of process design. The advantage of this paper is that it uses the findings from previous studies and literature reviews in formulating efficient solutions. In my opinion, the paper is reliable. ...
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