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Mahatma Gandhi - Essay Example


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Mahatma Gandhi

The fundamental message is that personal values can give personal success to people. This has been personally attained by the writer of this paper through his experience as an intern in the Regional Management Division of Deutsche Bank and based on empirical evidence. Personal values of public service, integrity, and creativity promote commercial success by acting as a source of sustainable motivation and establishing the connection between work and self-identity. Public service is not constrained to working in the government, but also applies to the motivation of seeing one’s work as a form of public service for others. Gandhi stresses that customers give businesses the opportunity to serve them; they are the precursors of public service. This writer believes that being able to serve customers starts with seeing them as recipients of his service. They are going to receive this service, only because they wanted to in the first place. Thus, this writer realizes that his existence as an employee relies on the existence of the customer. Collaboration should take place afterwards, where he must ensure the satisfaction of the customer because it can result to repeat business and the affirmation of his identity as an employee. A good example is handling a difficult, but highly profitable client in Deutsche Bank. This client wanted some help in ensuring the posting of funds to several accounts in a timely manner. This required extra work for the employee, but he eagerly went the extra mile. He

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Exemplification/Illustration EssayIn The Power of Nonviolence, Mahatma Gandhi said, An eye for an eye only ends up
Even though there had been a lot of freedom struggles in the past, this one had something uncommon and interesting about it. And it was the fight against violence by being non-violent. Mahatma Gandhi promulgated the use of non-violence as the means to throw out the Brits from India.
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Its a Book Report and close analysis of the book: Joseph Lelyveld, Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India, New
It was published in 2011 and faced a lot of opposition, criticism and controversy. In his book, the author, Joseph Lelyveld, portrays a different and quite unusual image of Gandhi in an attempt to change the typical thoughts and impressions that were so popular in the world so far.
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Mahatma Gandhi Worldview
A person’s bodily well-being, in this case, is usually taken from the domination of other individual’s, not only in the worldwide colonialism, but also in the form of our daily activities for our better co-existence (Fischer, 1993). To some extent, Gandhi has discussed the nature of God, social issues and family among other daily occurrences, in this worldview.
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Mahatma Gandhi
He often claimed that he had been inspired by the example of Imam Hussein, a prominent figure in the history of Islam, as he said, “I learnt from Hussein how to achieve victory while being oppressed” (Gandhi 12). Even though he acknowledged it, his leadership was significantly different from that of Imam Hussein.
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Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington
As a world leader who has inspired millions of people, Mahatma Gandhi is known for his concepts of Satyagraha, nonviolence, and ahimsa. He has made immense contribution to the humanitarian activities across the world and he is the pioneer of Satyagraha, a kind of nonviolent resistance to tyranny through mass civil disobedience, which is firmly founded upon ahimsa and nonviolence.
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Mahatma Gandhi- A Hindu Saint
However, Gandhi grew up knowing the life of privilege, worked as a lawyer for many years supporting his own affluent household and purposely set
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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

The author states that Mahatma Gandhi considered himself a good Hindu because he practiced and believed on all the teachings of Hinduism as he himself mentioned in the above saying. He remained non-violent in the worst situations and practiced the teachings of his religion for the welfare of humanity.

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Mahatma Gandhi
He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him…We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so” (Gibson 43). The
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Contribution of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King
Gandhi fought against the British supremacy through his all powerful weapons, Ahimsa –without violence and Satyagraha – a policy of passive political resistance. Gandhi effectively defended the colonialism through non-violence, when force had become both illegitimate and ineffective.
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The quote below is by Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most famous 20th century Indian philosophers and leaders of the Indian Independence Movement: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -Gandhi. In a one to three page ess
Losing oneself in this quote has a dynamic meaning because Gandhi is persuading people to find the real essence of one’s soul by serving others. He has a message that helping and serving other delivers to a person
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monitored the client’s accounts faithfully and when the expected transactions took place, he transferred funds appropriately. After that, he called the client for follow up to check if the transactions went along smoothly. This client expressed significant happiness with the customer service he received. He mentioned something that affected the employee: “It’s nice to be seen and treated as a person. Thank you.” This statement embodies another aspect of customer service as public service. People, who feel that they receive respect, extend the same respect to the giver. They appreciate that they receive the level of service that they feel they deserve. Once public service is rendered with conscientiousness, it humanizes the business process. It gives meaning to the continuation of public service. Apart from public service, integrity offers the means for commercial success too. Even when customer service may not always be related to company performance (Steven, Dong, and Dresner 744), it must still be executed flawlessly because it reflects on one’s integrity. Integrity means doing the right thing for the right reason. For this writer, the right thing is doing one’s job, not only with minimum levels of service, but the highest possible service. To do this is the right thing; it is an act of integrity. Integrity is an essential part of self-identity. Doing the right thing reflects on the doer. It means that he knows how to manage his actions with respect to his code of ethics. He can be put in highly challenging situations and he will not bend to whatever that will dent his integrity. An example is working with another employee that has questionable morals. At the workplace, a co-worker is having an affair with someone from the management. It is not the business of that employee to divulge this affair. The problem, however, is that the affair affects their working relationship. The


Name Instructor Class 26 September 2012 Gandhi: Personal Values for Commercial Success While Mahatma Gandhi is famous for being one of the best spiritual and political leaders in the twentieth century, he is also some of the earliest proponents of the idea that customers are the most important rationale of a business…
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Mahatma Gandhi essay example
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