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Assignment example - Individual Business Report Regarding a Fashion Company

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High school
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This assignment is grounded on demonstrating an engaging business simulation strategy outline which depicts how to set up a performance-based system and implement prepositions that successfully co-function with other mechanisms in the company for success…

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The assignment "Individual Business Report Regarding a Fashion Company" presents a decision-making and performance of the team within the parameters of achieving results and the definition of attributes that a successful proposition should constitute while transacting operations of the business with a competitive mindset.
URBAN FUNK is a fashion apparel manufacturing company established in 2007, based in Africa. URBAN FUNK’s products range from men’s wear, women’s wear, children`s wear and interior decoration products. The level of demand boom in fashion industry creates a perfect opportunity for URBAN FUNK to expand its reach and join other well-established apparel producers on the global platform. The multibillion-dollar fashion industry is influenced by changes in the global economy, emerging style trends and fluctuations in complimentary products. The report will demonstrate the significance of URBAN FUNK reacting to impacting factors, and it also constitutes a financial plan to facilitate implementation of the proposed concepts.
URBAN FUNK priority is to ensure growth and dominance. In April 2015 URBAN FUNK’s identified significant areas of focus. Produce fashionable apparels at consumer friendly prices: To enhance on the lead in apparel production. By appreciating our consumers’ passion for fashion, elegance and design style in clothing products. URBAN FUNK’s will further innovation, creativity and foster a leadership position in delivering high-quality clothing at fair prices. ...
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