Strategic Management in a Global Environment ( Emirates park resort ) - Case Study Example

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Strategic Management in a Global Environment ( Emirates park resort )

Their most common competitors are resorts and facilities that tend to attract tourists such as; hotels, parks, ski areas, clubs and bars that readily offer leisure activities, game parks, and zoos. As more people continue to know and get enlightened on why to invest in the Middle East and Abu Dhabi to be more precise, new, stronger, aggressive and swifter competitors come into the picture (Saxena, p48). Hence, it is a fact that the external environment of Emirates Resort Park is ever in a dynamic change.
There are different definitions of corporate governance, and none of the numerous definitions seem to be sufficient and conclusive enough to define the term corporate governance. But to be sufficiently general at these matter, the term corporate governance can be thought to mean the structure, system and way of administration of an organization that determine the direction and magnitude of development of the institution and how it can achieve its future prospects. It can be thought to mean what is done by the institution’s administration in order to realize its goals.
The Emirate Resort Park has a remarkable corporate governance that has helped it to grow from the small Resort it was back in the year 2004 to what it is eleven years later. Its corporate governance is ever introducing new projects and engaging them to completion. These new projects are aimed at giving its visitors or tourists a much better customer experience and also to ensure that it is ever growing to a better place for tourists and also for its workers.
One of the projects was its expansion. This is done in order to have more animals in the park and increase the size of the area for the people to interact with the animals. Since it was realized that the parking area is tremendously big. The administration has considered reducing the size of the parking as they give the space to areas that demand more space. Another is the introduction of ...
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It is a private company owned by Major General Nasser Salem Al Nuaimi Lakhraiba; he works for the police force in the United Arab Emirates. The prestigious hotel is located in Abu Dhabi…
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