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International Business

For example, the author states, “Lina Pedraza Rodríguez, Minister of Finance and Prices of Cuba, said that the country urgently needs to modernize its economy so as to protect the achievements of the Cuban Revolution. For that it requires foreign investment, including from the United States” (Knight, 2015). This quote captures the minister’s comments on Cuba and its needs for foreign direct investment. This was a remark meant to woo countries such as the U.S to come and invest in Cuba.
The countries about which the article was written include Cuba, the United States of America and Mexico. The article directly focuses on Cuba as a country that is advertising itself for foreign direct investment. USA and Mexico are referred to in the article as two countries that can possibly invest in Cuba. To make this possible, Cuba’s officials laid bare the environment and regulatory frameworks put in place in the country to ensure that foreign investment in the country would be a smooth process and a mutually beneficial endeavor for both parties.
The information contained in the article might influence my decision to invest in the country in the sense that knowing the business environment, the regulatory and legal frameworks in Cuba will help me make appropriate decisions on whether it is a safe and beneficial place to invest in. For instance, Lina Pedraza Rodríguez states, “Cuba is open to investment from the United States. It has never been closed” (Knight, 2015). She also added that the Cuban government had stabilized the microeconomic indicators to ensure that private and foreign companies operate with secure property rights. Deborah Rivas, the General Director of Foreign Investment in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment also stated that appropriate laws are established to protect foreign investment. These facts positively influence me to invest in the country ...
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This article addresses the actions of the Cuban officials at the 10th World Economic Forum on Latin America regarding the readiness of the country to receive foreign investment. This article is related to the theme of foreign direct investment in the sense that it specifically…
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