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The changing trends campaigning for a better understanding of one’s health is by far a key driver. It is clear that McDonalds came up with a Balanced Active lifestyle that in itself encouraged and promoted solutions to its customers to live a long and healthy life. In one instance, the Corporate Executive Vice President Mary Dillon said that her company cared about the health of its customers around the globe. By this, it had developed balanced, active lifestyles that McDonalds would incorporate into its daily activities to improve their health and lifestyles (Barnes, 2007).
Most of the success that McDonald’s enjoys is deeply rooted in their product development strategy. The permanent innovation strategy deployed by McDonalds is to feature an array of products on their permanent menus that do not undergo any changes. A good example of this innovation strategy is where they include the Quarter Pounder and the Big Mac, their cheeseburger, and their basic hamburger. Upon their first development, the above items are left to stand on the menu for an extensive period without the inclusion of any significant changes. The above innovation strategy sees to it that the consumers do not miss on something that they are well familiar with on the menu (Clark, 2015).
The other innovation strategy deployed by the major food chain is a temporary product strategy. This strategy entails the development of temporary products that are meant to supplement the permanent product offerings. An example of products that were formulated for short-term purposes are such as the Big Ocean burger. The importance of the temporary innovation strategy deployed by McDonalds is that it gives customers a new item to enjoy any time they pay a visit to the food chain (Adams, 2007).
The third innovation strategy that is applied by McDonalds is the local product development strategy. With the continuing expansion of McDonalds all around the world, the company ...
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The reality of more individuals coming to terms with the need to live a healthy life, has forced fast food stores to come up with strategies that…
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