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Visual Literacy in Business - Essay Example

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The board captures all the elements commonly used in creating a mood board like the logo, slogan, packaging of the product, and colour palattes as clearly…

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Visual Literacy in Business

Colours help the brand by showing the uniqueness of the product from the existing ones. Colour can have an additive effect on the marketing strategy especially if it captures the attention of the target consumers.
Product packages –the final stage that involves the packaging and delivery of the product in readiness for the consumers is an essential stage for ensuring that customers get satisfied with the product. Packaging in the mood board captures a unique approach of packaging that not only attracts the attention of the consumer but also guarantees them of the safety and well thought through approach. Such an approach makes it easy for brand identification as well.
Slogans and taglines – slogans like NC give shown in the diagram above illustrates that the organisation is willing to give products on credit to its loyal consumers and expect payment after the agreed period. It makes the brand gain acceptance owing to the ease between the manufactures and the ...
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