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The effective use of physical evidence in a service environment (company: Genki) - Essay Example

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The effective use of physical evidence in a service environment (company: Genki)

Responsiveness: Genki understands their customer preferences hence they try to satisfy them equally. The conveyer belt approach helps them to save time in contacting with individual customer leading to service disparity. Customers have the choice of selecting their menu from the prepared sushi dishes that saves time in selection process. The approach helps them to select from a wide range of prepared menu and customers can judge the dishes, their appearance before selecting their choice.
The service tangibles deal with the physical appearance of Genki. The ambience, lighting, food assortments, music, colour of furnishings, restaurant design and layout are part of the service tangibles that leads to enhancing the physical appearance (Lovelock, Patterson & Wirtz, 2014).
The servicescapes helps the employees to identify the importance of service in the organization. It prioritizes its customers to understand the customer preference. These inputs help Genki to structure their service output. In case of Genki, to avoid wastage of consumer time the conveyer belt service approach is initiated. This helps in improving the service delivery system and satisfies larger customer base in a specific time by enhancing service coverage (Lu & Lien, 2014).
Genki’s service environment facilitates customer-employee interaction as well as customer-customer interaction. Genki’s service approach helps in diminishing barriers in differentiating between customer groups as they provide value for food. The conveyer belt approach helps in standardizing their service. The sitting arrangement is such where consumers sit in rows in front of the conveyor belt and select their sushi dishes from it. Hence, the sitting arrangements and physical proximity is high due to its service process. All consumers of Genki are treated the same and receive equal attention and service facilities (Lucas, 2012).
All the factors in the diagram are interrelated. Each of the ...
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Other tangibles include billing statements, stationery (napkins, billing counter stationery, straw for drinks, takeaway packaging boxes and glasses etc), Genki reports, employee uniform, webpage of Genki, brochures for promotional activities and virtual servicescape (Dong & Siu,…
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