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Innovation. Innovative techniques of a manufacturing company.

It is not possible to apply the innovative techniques of a manufacturing company, in a service sector. This is because the two business models operate in different spheres, and the main different is depicted in the nature of the products they produce. The service sector deals with intangible goods, while the manufacturing sector deals with tangible goods. An example of a service is the delivery of mails, by Fed Ex Company (Chang, 2011). It is important for the service industry to create a culture of innovation while conducting their activities. This is because the service sector is a major employer, and greatly contributes to the development of an economy. However there are challenges that can prevent entrepreneurs in a service sector from innovating. This is because there aren’t any clear guidelines on how to innovate for a service sector (Chang, 2011). However, an entrepreneur can overcome this challenge by appreciating the service in which an entrepreneur provides to the community. This will create a proper mindset that will advocate for the improvement of the service to carter for the various needs of its customers. It is essential to separate the physiology, structure and the context within which the business operation focuses on. By doing this, the organization will broaden its scope of innovating, and therefore overcome the challenges that the service sector faces in developing an innovation (Omachonu et al, 2010). An example depicting an organization that appreciates its scope of operation and created ideas for its relevance in the market is easy jet. ...
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It is not possible to apply the innovative techniques of a manufacturing company, in a service sector. This is because the two business models operate in different spheres, and the main different is depicted in the nature of the products they produce…
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