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Final Project- Step Three

Second (2), I used text with highlights on is edges and separated thoughts through title and subtitle with their accompanying highlights of putting them in bold and underline. The third (3), I put colors on the text. Fourth (4), I used a simple black and white diagram of the internal working structure of a human ear. And lastly (5), I used a full colored diagram of the human ear. The purpose of this approach is for the audience to experience the increasing ease of understand the message or lecture as the mode of visual progresses from simple text to the use of colored diagrams. By using the same subject with different modalities of conveying beginning from a simple text to a full colored diagram, the audience will readily understand how effective visuals in conveying information. This is consistent with the cliche that goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I Calibri text Parts and Functions of the ear The human ear is divided into five parts. These five parts of human ear, have specific functions that help in the process of hearing. ...
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To stress the importance of visuals in conveying and passing message to students (by teachers) or to a recipient of an information, I chose different kinds of visuals that highlight its varying efficacy depending on the different modes of use of visuals. To make the comparison more effective, I chose the same subject that was made as an example, which is the internal working structure of the human ear in a biology class…
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