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Mobile Business Technologies

According to the report findings many new applications are getting invented like iOS, Android and Blackberry applications to name a few. iOS was the name given by Apple to the operating system that runs and supports all the touch screen mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and iPods.As the discussion stresses in recent times there has been a dominating trend in all industries among their core products that has compelled the firm’s to move towards other services. Traditionally the manufacturers used to view their services as a mean to enhance value of the good that clearly differentiate between their products and the products offered by their competitors. But now companies have to think about something different. The concept of “bundles” and “extended product” emerged from customer’s need and new selling approaches. According to Vandermerwe and Rada, “Bundles” refer to the combination of products, service, support and knowledge. According to Jansson and Thoben, ‘extended product’ refers to the core product surrounded by set of intangible services and tangible products. Kotler has suggested five types of ‘service mix’ like tangible goods, intangible goods, hybrid good, major services accompanied by minor products and services and pure services with hybrid offering. The companies are now showing interest in offering hybrid products or services rather than just offering tangible goods and services ...
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The study highlights on the benefit that a company is enjoying by developing an application for the devices that runs via iOS, Android or BlackBerry apps. The study also focuses on the various aspects of product, reviews the features and throws a light on the cost component.

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