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Essay example - A real-life career situation is more meaningful and useful than a hypothetical one.

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Business Problem A Real-Life Career Situation Is More Meaningful And Useful Than A Hypothetical One. 19th, April 2013 Internal Memorandum Date: 19th, April 2013 To: All Company Graduate Trainees From: The Human Resources Manager Subject: A real-life Career Situation is more Meaningful and Useful than a Hypothetical one First, I would like to appreciate the effort you are all putting in your work…

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Nonetheless, the main reason for this memo is to rejuvenate your minds. This comes as an advice, as well as a reminder that, a real-life career situation is more meaningful and useful than a hypothetical one. For any of us to succeed in our professions, it is important that we all consider the real life situations, and be ready to face them under different circumstances in our careers. Today, I therefore, want to motivate all us and remind us of the usefulness of using real life career situations, as opposed to hypothetical ones. As trainees, you are not fully exposed to major career situations, given your little experience in the professional life. Nonetheless, it is crucial for you all to think about using the real life career situations and draw on them to make important assumptions about various functions in the company, as well as developing your skills, and other capabilities, which the real life career situations will help to build. As young professionals, you are yet to encounter major real life career situations, as you are still new in the professional world. However, it is imperative that you be prepared for more important future responsibilities in your career. ...
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