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10 Things To Do In Your Last College Summer

10 Things To Do In Your Last College Summer-1

This summer you might feel that college life in ending. Next year would be your last one as a student. So, this last summer should be something special, something you will remember. Think of it, it is the last time in your life, when you will be free from responsibilities of an adult life, free from 5-day work in the office, paying bills, making the career, taking care of your own family, having 2 weeks of vacation once in a year, and so on.

Those frames and limitations are all in future. What you have now is few months of free time ahead and billions of possibilities to make them memorable, fulfill them with joy, pleasant moments and great people. Don’t waste them on watching films or being bored. You’ll have your whole life for it.

Grab your diary and make a plan of your best summer to be. Here are some ideas we came up with to help you out.

Spend time with your family

10 Things To Do In Your Last College Summer-2

You might think something like “Really?! Is this your first brilliant idea for my unforgettable summer?!” But don't jump to conclusions. Spending time with your family can be something you will really miss in your adult life…

  1. Move in back with your parents

They will definitely love to have you back for some time. And we are sure you will enjoy it too. Think of all the advantages... Home-cooked meals, playing baseball with your younger brother, going out with your old school friends, climbing up to your tree-house, playing with your dog in the backyard and much much more. All the coolest stuff from your childhood and teenage will be there for you.

  1. Go on vacation

Always wanted to do a Eurotrip? It can serve as a great idea for a vacation with your family. You will spend some time together, explore new places and make tons of pictures you can take with you in your adult life. Sweet memories are getting more and more important as you are getting older.

Spend time with your friends

10 Things To Do In Your Last College Summer-3

Summer is always a great possibility to meet all your friends and do something together. Especially if it is your last college summer, before you all will go into your adult life. So take a chance and do something you always wanted to: the mountain river rafting, hitchhiking all over your country, volunteering, safari, beach parties… It is the best time to do something amazing and unforgettable together with your best friends.

  1. Go volunteering

Last college summer is a perfect time to go volunteering if you never did before. It is a great experience in life and you definitely have to try it out. Taking your best friends with you will make this experience into an exceptional story of your youth. And, surely, volunteering experience is always a big odd in your resume.

  1. Go camping

It is really easy when you are young. Take one bag, some friends, and a guitar - and voila! Another great story is happening. Magic evenings in nature, songs, fire and your dearest friends… What else would you need to make this happening better?

  1. Movie marathon

Staying up all night? Watching favorite or brand new movies? Making a list of 1000 must-watch films for 1 month time? Eating popcorn and passionately discussing every second? Yes to all! You most certainly won’t have another opportunity to make this all happen, once you are an adult. So, take advantage of your free summer months!

  1. Try something new

Youth is a perfect time for doing something insane, something unusual and memorable. So grab your friends and do the craziest thing you’ll come up with. Skydiving, skinny dipping, hitchhiking all over your country with no money, Korean national cuisine… There are so many wild things in this world. Don’t waste your time. Young years are flying away so quickly!

Spend time with yourself 

10 Things To Do In Your Last College Summer-4

Staying alone for some time won’t mean being depressed, lying on a couch and eating ice-cream for the whole day long. No. This is your last free summer, so you’d better use them as much as you can. Here are some must-do things you should find time for.

  1. Read books

Your first thought may be “Why on Earth should I ever need this?” Yes. You had to read a lot while being in high school. You read tons of papers, articles, and monographs in college. Why should you spend time reading on your last summer vacation? The answer is simple. Reading for pleasure is great. It expands your knowledge, broadens worldview, develops imagination and creativity. Studies say, that reading a good book releases stress for 60% more effective than listening to music or walking. When you are out of college you’ll reach an adult life, where career, family, money and daily stuff will take almost all your time. So enjoy reading something you like while you actually have time for this.

  1. Learn how to cook

This is the skill that’ll make you happy and healthy in future. You actually have plenty of time now, so use it to learn how to cook your favorite dishes. Ask your mom, grandma, and neighbors for their best recipes, google how to cook something unusual and surprise your friends and family with your own homemade dinners. Once you are an adult, you’ll thank yourself for this skills like billions of times.

  1. Take an online class

It might be a good time to try learning something new. Always wanted to be a good storyteller? Or maybe you dreamed about programming or web-design? Maybe it is a good time for gaining oratory? It is up for you to decide. There is a vast variety of all types of online courses nowadays. It doesn’t have to be something you need for college. You can choose something for your personal growth or the subject you were always interested in, but never had time to learn it.

Check out the reviews of websites that offer online courses and pick up the one you’d like most.

  1. Create your own website

If you have great skills, talent or a project you want to share, your personal web page is the best thing for it. This can be a great start point for your freelance career or an additional great point in your resume after college. Surely, it can be just a project you will like. Spending time with pleasure is also very important. Why not start now?

Summer is a great time. Sun, fresh air, tons of fruits and billions of possibilities. Until you are young and free from any kind of serious obligations, make sure you will use this time to its fullest. Have fun, visit your family in your hometown, grab your friends and do something insane to remember for the rest of your life. Don’t forget about yourself and do something useful for your personal growth and invest some time in your future. Create your personal website, find an internship, gain a new skill or simply read a book that is on your wish list for a while.

Find recommendations on how to make your summer productive online.

Make sure you won’t miss all the best opportunities this summer can offer!


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