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4 Steps To Uncover Your Inner Entrepreneur Regardless of Education

4 Steps To Uncover Your Inner Entrepreneur Regardless of Education -1

One of the main concerns about college study is that it doesn’t really prepare us for a professional life. Writing an enormous number of essays and research papers doesn’t make us experienced in any sphere valued by the labor market. Combined with the global problem of unemployment, it brings up the central issue of modern education. The primary question of this year SXSWedu conference was how to encourage entrepreneurship among young people so they could create job places themselves.

We don’t know for sure whether an entrepreneurship is a gift or a skill. Some pros say that if it’s in your blood, entrepreneurship will show itself regardless of your education or life circumstances. Others claim that innate abilities have little to do with it - business success is built on 10% of talent and 90% of hard work.

In our turn, we believe that everything in life can be mastered. Of course, there are some arts in which an ordinary craftsman can not outdo a true artist. Yet, everyone can reach the level of a skilled craftsman. We’ve prepared tips on how to unleash your entrepreneurial potential and become at least an artisan in business. Whether you'll become an artist depends on how much you are ready to give to it.

#1. Imagine you have no excuses

4 Steps To Uncover Your Inner Entrepreneur Regardless of Education -2

We often do less than we can because we don’t want to take responsibility for more. Yet, we find excuses that sound perfectly reasonable to us. Something like:

  • I cannot risk with my stability
  • It’s not the right moment yet
  • What can I do if I'm not that talented (lucky, hardworking, charming, handsome) as somebody else?
  • If only my parents had been rich I would have had now money to start a business.

And my favorite:

  • Let’s be realistic. I’m stupid and lazy and will die alone.

We believe in these excuses so much that finally start seeing omnipresent boundaries of our capabilities. In other words, we focus on what and why we cannot do, instead of focusing on what we can. So the first thing you need is to stop pitying or scolding yourself. Try to think of you as of a creative and results-oriented person that see not limits but possibilities.

#2. Imagine you have no fears

Everybody fears to fail. There are no people who have never doubted themselves. And surely everybody sucks in something. But it’s pretty hard to accept this thought when some people around you seem to succeed in everything they deal with. Well, relax. They just have sucked more times than you can imagine. The thing is that they are not afraid to make mistakes. Instead, they concentrate on what they can win out. They learn on their missteps but don't stick to them. How?

They don’t worry about what others think of them.

Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs and authors, says that opinion of others even of random people often paralyzes our will and energy to do something. It’s our biggest fear to get a negative comment on what we do. Well, it’s hard to say more lucidly than Gary why you shouldn't give a damn pay attention to it:

The trick is not to become fearless but following an advice of another business guru Tim Ferriss, fear less.

To do so, you need to learn your strengths. Sit and write down everything you are good at, even the things that you don’t find essential. Throwing a ball in a basket, playing piano, gambling, flirting, and whatever else. Then analyze what makes you good at it. If you are good in music it means you are quite diligent and purposeful. If you often win the games of chance, it means you are a lucky beggar. If you are good at making the acquaintances in a bar, it means you have strong soft skills. Every of your strengths is a resource you can use in your business. Every of your strengths is a resource you can use in your business. Plus, they are the improvised means to conquer your fears.   

#3. Imagine you have no doubts

 Famous unlocker of entrepreneurship spirit, John P. Margaritis outlines the basic concerns we have before starting an own business:

  • I’ll lose financial stability
  • It takes large investments
  • It’s extremely hard

4 Steps To Uncover Your Inner Entrepreneur Regardless of Education -3

Step by step, he proves that these concerns don’t really have a solid basis.

Firstly, we don’t have reasons to think that as employees we have more financial security than as entrepreneurs. Even in big corporations, the risk to be retrenched is pretty high.  So basically there is no this stable and secure job position where you can feel yourself fully financially safe. Besides, Margaritis brings up a statistics saying that approx 250,000 employees in the U.S. earn over $250,000 per year, whereas almost 4,000,000 of entrepreneurs earn the same money or more.

Secondly, you can start your own business without a large seed capital. Millions of flourishing start-ups prove that the core of a good business idea is built up not on the starting resources. Put it in short, it is not the amount of money that defines a business potential but the following five components:

  • A  good motivation
  • A well-researched idea
  • A thought-through startup plan
  • reliable partners
  • A purposeful action.

A business that minds these five aspects has more chances to succeed than those who focus on money in the first place.  If you look up for the examples of booming businesses that had no seed capital, you’ll see that some of them have succeeded in unexpectedly profitable niches. So don’t be afraid of a lack of money, it’s far less fatal than a lack of imagination. To get an additional inspiration, check out the video on starting a business with no money: 

Thirdly, it’s not that difficult to be an entrepreneur. When you think of a stepwise plan that includes hundreds of ifs and ands it looks impossible to fulfill. Yet, the experience of all small and medium businesses show that everything is manageable. All you need is to not to delay an action which is the most important element of any business.

#4. Just do!

You can spend years theorizing your qualities or possibilities but until you finally choose to act, you won’t know really what you are capable of. The thing is you cannot push anybody to an action. There is no tricks or working advice, there is no easy way to prepare somebody for it. Action always brings stress and a bit of chaos. Yet, everybody who has ever opted for it would tell that it was worth it all.

Summing it all up

Entrepreneurship is not a dogmatic practice but a freedom in action. If you feel a need to actualize your best professional qualities, entrepreneurship is a good option to choose. To uncover your potential as a business owner you should forget about excuses, make your fears and doubts work for you, and act. Yes, act. There is no further text. It's time to start doing something. 

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