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5 Bad Writing Habits You'd Better Break to Become an Excellent Student

5 Bad Writing Habits Youd Better Break to Become an Excellent Student-1

Why is it so important for a student to have good writing habits? An average student writes approximately 15 essays per year only on one subject. Sometimes you may receive four writing tasks per week. Each of them requires all your attention, skills, and time for research. The worst about writing is to adhere to a certain style and additional requirements from a professor. Therefore, many students fail with a quarter of tasks. Yet you can always improve this number after you get rid of 5 bad writing habits. Remember they hold you back from showing the best academic performance.

  1. Writing without an outline

Scientists have already discovered how much time a human being needs to form a good habit. It is not mythical 21 days but actually 66 days to achieve a certain peak of automaticity. Unfortunately, no one has figured out how many days, months or years it takes to break a nasty habit. One of this can be writing a paper without an outline. Planning and researching should take at least 30% of your work. Hence, you should define the average time spent on the whole paper. Then it will be easier to build an outline even based on the approximate numbers.

  1. Reviewing before the work is done

It’s useless to check what you have just written even if you know there are some mistakes. At the same time you may be distracted and seduced by the red wavy lines under some words or phrases. However, you’d better not pay any attention to them. Just remind yourself: they will be still underlined after you put the last period. So, why is it so bad to review before you write the whole paper? First of all, you refocus and lose the logical flow of ideas necessary for each paragraph. Secondly, you waste time for extra reviewing instead of completing another argument.

  1. Procrastinating and criticizing

5 Bad Writing Habits Youd Better Break to Become an Excellent Student-2

College students have many reasons to procrastinate and postpone fulfilling their tasks for a better moment. There are so many distractions standing on their way – Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You must uproot this habit today unless you want to get stressed every time your due approaches. Besides, the quality of your papers will always suffer. There are also some students who expect too much of themselves and should finally stop criticizing each step they make. It will soon lead them to the writer’s block and the same poor quality of works.

  1. Not checking the credibility of sources

You can’t trust every piece of information found in the web or even in the library. It’s essential to check the quality of all cited sources. Thus, evaluating their credibility you should always put three crucial questions.

  •        Is the source published online or in one of authoritative scholar magazines?
  •        Is the author of a source associated with any educational institutions or cited by other reputable authors?
  •        Does the source contain up-to-date and relevant information?
  1. Writing when your mind is exhausted

Heavy procrastinators usually face the necessity to work all night long. It causes deprivation of sleep, chronic fatigue, irritation, decreased attention, and lowered concentration. Therefore, many students neglect the necessity of profound researching and submit non-reviewed papers. The fact is your exhausted mind can’t show the highest level of productivity, especially in the night hours. Give yourself at least 6-7 hours of sleep each day and plan your day wiser.

Sometimes you might even not notice a number of bad habits you have. Yet your success at college depends on your writing skills and an ability to deliver the high-quality papers on time. Do not burden yourself with the mistakes of frustrated students.


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