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'Puppy Rooms' and 5 More Ways Students Can Relieve Stress

Puppy Rooms and 5 More Ways Students Can Relieve Stress-1

Source: Shutterstock/Peter Nadolski

On May 7th the University of Lancashire together with Stressed Out Students (SOS) student union set forth a peculiar stress relieving campaign. In close cooperation with the charity organization called Guide Dogs, a special ‘chill room’ full of cute puppies was organized within university edifice. From then on, for a token fee of £1 students receive access to this ‘puppy room’ to hang out, take a break and relieve that stress for good.

Given the puppies are trained as guide-dogs, fees go to cover the costs of their training. Plus, besides the money, puppies benefit greatly too, as they come to get used to people’s company from the early age, which is meant to make them more efficient guide dogs in future.

It’s an interesting fact that British puppy rooms are inspired by a Japanese study, stating that students who spent time in a company of puppies or kittens prior to taking an exam did better by as much as 44% on the average. Another fact worth to mention is that nowadays business entrepreneurs fully comprehend how important stress relieving factors are. There are even companies that start building the business case for managing stress in the workplace

Cuteness rules (and makes you do better in college too!) However, in case your academia authorities didn’t cater for you stress-relieving needs by welcoming all the neighborhood kittens and pups within the school walls, here 5 less kawaii yet equally effective ways to get rid of stress.

Eat right

It’s a common fact stress makes us over-eat or vice versa – starve. Given proper nutrition makes our brain and body in general function better, watching what you eat and at what hour is key. Making sure your body receives enough energy to maintain solid cognitive processes running for longer might be that edge needed to do better at studies.


A sound mind is in a sound body. Physical exercises are known to have a positive impact on your well-being and ability to think straight. Although a body can feel the sore, revitalizing and soothing effect of training is undeniable. Plus, people who work out frequently know to watch their diets too. Synergy effect achieved!    


If don’t have time for proper working out in a gym, go for progressive muscle relaxation. This routine implies tensing and them relaxing muscles making a body completely relaxed. Do PMR either before bed or before a test for a really cool head on your shoulders. Ten minutes of PMR a day keep stress away.


Students are known as people who never sleep enough. However, feeling sleepy during exams isn’t the best thing to experience. That’s why many experts recommend taking power-naps, which is a deep 1-hour sleep at noon or after classes. Doing so you’ll catch up with required 8 hours of sleep a day an adult person needs to function properly.

Get a pet

Puppy Rooms and 5 More Ways Students Can Relieve Stress-2

Source: michigandaily.com

No puppy room in college? Get your own puppy instead! However, mind it will be your sole responsibility to take care of pup’s training and everyday walks. So… get yourself a cat instead! 


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