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8 Classy Ways of Fighting Against Body Shaming

8 Classy Ways of Fighting Against Body Shaming-1

Body shaming is a new plague of modern time. Fashion, TV shows and predesigned ‘beauty standards’ are intensely absorbed by most of the people. Thus they are trying to judge each body under those, usually unnatural, requirements.

Luckily, there is a movement of artists and intellectuals who argue it all with the great statement “Each body is beautiful.” And it is more than truth. Remind it yourself each day, especially when somebody tries to make you think the other way.

Unfortunately, it might not be enough to fight all the negativity. So, we have thought of a few brilliant ways to respond to the body shaming language. They are quite comfortable and respectful enough for you to use them without feeling guilty.


  1. Practice your response aforehand.

How many times did you lie in bed, suddenly coming up with a classy answer to the insult you heard recently? Well, probably it is time to collect all these classy answers and memorize them, so the next time you hear an offensive language, you will be fully armed. It will also help you to keep your emotions stable. When you have a prepared answer, you don’t need to actually react. So, you are more likely to stay calm and don’t worry about what you hear from rude strangers. Still, try to think of answers, that won’t be impolite. Something like “I like my body the way it is, thank you” would be much better than “You dare to say something like that? Your ass can stop traffic!” The second option will keep you emotionally involved in the conversation and would be harder to let the offensive words go.


  1. Take control of the situation.

Nobody wants for something like body shaming to happen to them. Still, it might occur all of the sudden. Usually, our friends or relatives do not care a lot about being polite, as they are not ‘strangers,’ and they ‘care’ about you. The best thing you can do once you face a situation like that is to take control over it. Remember, if you keep silence once, they won’t ever stop talking to like that. So, next time you hear a ‘caring’ speech, like “Should you be eating/wearing that?” try answering something like “It is my body, and only I am in charge of my choices.”

8 Classy Ways of Fighting Against Body Shaming-2

  1. Ignore it.

Well, isn’t it something our parents advise us to do when we are upset about something? “Just ignore it” might be the saving point, once you actually ignore it. Why should somebody’s opinion be more valuable, than your own? Can’t answer that? Then why should you react to something, when you can’t find any possible reason for it?

  1. Don’t let it hurt you.

Sure, offensive language is never okay and should not happen in a progressive society. Unfortunately, nowadays we face the complete opposite situation. Until it lasts, it is only your choice whether you take the insult or you don’t let it get to you. There is one useful mental practice for that. You imagine a big wall of glass between you and the person. That wall allows you to hear what the other person says, but won’t let you take it personally. It will play a barrier, which won’t let the negativity reach you.


  1. Do not start a fight.

Whenever you are online, it is so tempting to start a fight over the negative comment. Well, of course, you are protected by relative anonymity and the four walls of your big house. Still, your emotions are not that safely hidden, as your body. Do not consider physical safety to be equal to the emotional stability. Starting a fight and responding offensively can hurt more than the negative comment itself. Try to ignore/block it or react politely and positively. It will kill two birds with one stone, calm you down and make your opponent angry. Win-win situation.

8 Classy Ways of Fighting Against Body Shaming-3

  1. Do not torture yourself.

Loads of young people torture themselves with reading negative comments online over and over again. It turns to be more harmful than hearing body shaming language live. One sentence turns into an endless text when you re-read it several times. Well, it won’t help you. Stop reading at the very moment you understand the comment is negative and remove it. You don’t need it; you don’t deserve it. Don’t waste your time and emotions on something carelessly thrown by a stranger online.


  1. ‘Do not feed the trolls.’

This saying has become viral some time ago all over the internet. How can you possibly deal with all the negativity online? There is no way to respond to each ‘troll’ trying to hurt you. Those people need the only thing, which is your attention. They will look for the meanest thing to say to you, and that is only to make you respond. Still, when they find no attention, they leave and look for somebody else. Thus, it is simple as ABC. ‘Do not feed the trolls,” do not pay attention and they’ll disappear.


  1. Try to talk honestly.

The hardest thing is to hear body shaming from people you are close to, like your partner, friends or family members. They might be friendly and pleasant people you love spending time with. Still, there are moments when they start giving you ‘helpful advice’ on how you should walk, talk, look like, what you should eat and how you should behave. If all these ‘advices’ are offensive and hurt your feelings, do not feel ashamed to sit down and talk to people. An honest conversation, where you will reveal your feelings, might be way more helpful than arguing, being offended and leave. Probably, your closest people do not even realize they hurt you. This is the thing you should explain.

8 Classy Ways of Fighting Against Body Shaming-4

Final Thoughts

In this world, mad about fashion, following standards, and being ‘exclusive’ in an only socially acceptable way, do you feel you want to be the same? It is the question you have to answer yourself, but honestly.

Probably, learning how to deal with those who try to offend you is the last thing. For when you are comfortable with your body, appearance, and character, nobody can actually insult you. Those ways to strike body shamers back are only the top of the iceberg. Still, we consider them to be the most effective ones. Practice them, try different approaches, create own methods and, most important, enjoy yourself!

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