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Employability Ranking by University: Make Sure You Will Get a Job after Graduation

An education think tank QS has published a new graduate employability ranking of universities and three among the top 20 on the list are British.

Stanford University of California and Massachusetts University of Technology (MIT) are at the top of the list for the second year in a row. As for the UK institutions – Cambridge, Oxford, and Imperial College are numbers 5, 8, and 20 respectively.

Another four universities from Great Britain follow the first triple within the top 50: the University of Edinburgh closed the top at 50; University College London (UCL) is next to the Imperial at 24; the Universities of Manchester and Bristol are at 35 and 39 respectively.

States’ domination is obvious among the top 10, where there are 5 US institutions, but the picture is way more diverse outside this range. You can easily find Chinese, German, Australian, Japanese, Italian universities and a lot of other countries’ representatives there.

QS’s head of research, Ben Sowter, claims universities that focus on Stem* to be the best ones in ensuring their students with a job. However, we can’t be sure if Stem guarantees students future employment, or there is another factor ranking creators didn’t take into account.

Universities’ scores consist not only of employment rates. QS Ranking researchers also take the following factors into consideration: the employer’s reputation, partnerships with employers, presence of employers on campus, and alumni outcomes. Each of them is of a different weight in the ranking, according to its significance to students.

*Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics