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Hilarious Teachers Who Perfectly Nailed It

How would you imagine your perfect teacher? Probably this person should be intelligent, patient, being able to engage you and… be funny?

Was it ever possible?

Let’s face it. Being a teacher is one of the most unfavorable jobs in the whole world. You need to keep your audience involved, intrigued, disciplined and entertained all the time. Do not forget, students have to gain new knowledge steadily, and that is your responsibility. Considering those circumstances, having a good sense of humor is basically the only thing that might make teachers keep their sanity.

Today we’re praising classy teachers who mastered both, a power of a good joke and schooling students at a high level. We bet, you’ll love it and probably will get a flashback on some fantastic, hilarious moments your teachers did for you.

Ever wondered what your teacher is drinking? Check it out next time you have a class!

We hope it was not about the money, but about the value of pleasant words in life!

Well, as it is said… When you can’t beat them, join them. And never miss the chance to show an extra knowledge and drawing skills :)

What would you do? :)

When teacher not only understands your humor but answers correspondingly

Teach chemistry and pop-music at the same time? Challenge accepted!

When a teacher knows stuff.

Well, why then?

A brilliant way to keep students concentrated on your persona during the whole class time.

Stimulate student’s creativity? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

When your favorite planet is not a planet anymore, but you won’t let that poster go.

When they don't study, show ‘em other options to choose in life!

How do you effectively fight against late assignments? Just like that!

When a teacher finds the best illustration for the class material.

Nailed it to make a student fall asleep. People give me thumbs up!

Sometimes a teacher needs to be cruel. How else can you teach the truth?

There is nothing better than a good reminder!

Teach them asking the right questions.

How else can you possibly stop this constant asking for a pen?

The main thing is to stay on the same page with students, no matter how old you are yourself.

Final Thoughts

Those teachers are gorgeous. They not only managed to combine learning process with humor, but also with their own example they teach us the essential thing in life. No matter how hard and inconvenient are the circumstances, a good sense of humor can rescue it all.