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Valentine’s Day: 14 craziest gifts for 14th of February


As Valentine’s Day is already around the corner, you might see thousands of seemingly mad people running around in search for presents. Should you be observant enough, you’ll definitely notice those without a pair, and thus, usually, with a pretty bad mood. Well, great news, folks! We’ve arranged a crazy list of gift you can present your loving ones or your friends to make this day a bit less traumatic.

#1. Chocolate That Looks Like Marijuana

No matter, whether you live in a state, where marijuana was legalized or not, those candies are perfect for tricking your soulmate and having an unforgettable fun. It is 100% legal. Everywhere!

#2. Heart Mittens

As it is winter time, holding hands when wandering around gets more uncomfortable, than romantic. Thus, this heart-shaped mitten makes an excellent gift for your soul mate, male or female. Also, no excuses for not holding hands anymore, if you know what I mean ;)

#3. Heart Gelatin Mold

If you were pondering how can you give somebody your whole heart, this gift idea makes the perfect answer. Sit back and watch how your beloved person eats it all. The best thing you can give to your soulmate, med school student or a cannibal beginner.

#4. Salami Bouquet

You always can send flowers for your Valentine and be pretty romantic. Still, there would be no creativity. A salami bouquet won’t only make your partner laugh, but will serve as dinner. How great is that?

#5. Sexiest Number Pillowcases

A devilishly naughty gift of the year. Those pillows are not only comfy but daring and hilarious. You can have fun when showing it to your friends or start a pillow fight with your partner. But be careful to hide those from your parents.

#6. Happy Man Bottle Stopper

This man seems to be as excited about having a glass of wine as you are. Perfect gift for any man and woman around. Grants you a great mood whenever you look inside the cutlery drawer.

#7. Zombie Cupid

Well, if some of your friends are dying from loneliness on this happy day, there is nothing better than zombie cupid to cheer them up. You can turn the story around your undying love for them and have a hilarious evening together.

#8. Heart-Shaped Meat

Heart-Shaped meat won’t only show the beloved partner you remember about Valentine’s Day, but also will show how creative you are in choosing presents. Also serves as a dinner for two. Should you be from Texas, you definitely would get one.

#9. Elephant Willy Warmer

Well, if your boyfriend complains a lot about being cold and stuff, give him this. Elephant Willy Warmer is an ideal gift for any gentlemen around the world, where there is real winter in February, 14th.

#10. Valentine’s Day Sugar Daddy Boxers

Girls, give it to your boyfriend doubtlessly. See, how much sense of humor they have. Boys, wear those for Valentine’s Day. If on February, 15th she is still there, she’ll be there forever for you.

#11. Valentine’s Day Bear Heart Pajamas

Want to pretend to be kiddos and watch Disney cartoons the whole evening? Well, you won’t find anything cuter than these matching pajamas. We love those. The entire office wears them at work. True story.

#12. Safe Sock

Wearing socks in bed is the worst thing a man can ever do. Still, there is one exception. Safe socks are for emergency, not for keeping feet warm, or whatever. Tell it to your partner. A secret pocket holds condoms. Cool, huh?

#13. Ex Voodoo Knife Set

Did somebody get dumped right before Valentine’s day? In that case better than an Ex Voodoo Knife Set can only be an Ex Voodoo Knife Set with the name of the Ex engraved.

#14. Underpants Sucker

The last, but not the least. If you hate Valentine’s Day, all those sweet kissing couples and hearts, give yourself this perfect present. Underpants Sucker won’t only show your attitude towards this holiday but also grant you a minty fresh breath.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a perfect present for your loved ones and dearest friends might be a burden. Still, having a right list of ideas, combined with the unique personality of your partner or friend, ends up with the ideal gift choice. Good luck in your search!

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