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Is the cost of college in America to high?

The system changed through these three age times, and the modern system is elementary school to high school and to college. College education is important as it marks the last step in completing the first phase of education and is relatively expensive compared to the other two. It has been of great interest in many countries, including United States. Americans feel that college education is very expensive compared to other nations. Question is, is the cost of college in America is too high? Education is probably the most important learning process, since the ancient times. It is basically the process of giving and receiving instructions. In the ancient Greece and Rome, children were taught their responsibilities and how to honor them. Boys were usually taught how to work hard to feed their families and also how to protect their families and cities. On the other hand, girls were taught by their mothers’ household chores like cooking, cleaning and managing houses. This was informal education and was very important for the ancient people. As strings of time continued to unwind, some philosophers thought that it would be good to introduce a formal education system. Plato, the infamous Greek philosopher, was probably the first person to propose a formal education system. According to Plato, children were to be initially taught by their guardians, the basics. ...
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Name Professor Subject September 9th 2013 Is the cost of college in America too high? Importance of education in the modern times cannot be overemphasized. Education has changed a lot from the ancient times to the modern times. Historically, education was informal and was mostly taught by fathers to boys and mothers to girls…
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