Memoir of James Braddock

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The character chosen to represent the period in American history between 1925 to 1945 is James Braddock. James Braddock was a professional boxer from New Jersey who was light heavyweight champion contender.


Memoir of James Braddock
Before the Great Depression
Life is great. I just won a boxing fight and the prize fight these days are terrific. Since I have more than enough money, I think my wife Mae will be surprised for this jewelry present for her. I know it is not her birthday but it would make a great surprise to give this to her because I know she had been eyeing this in the jewelry store the last time we went there.

Advent of the Great Depression (October 29, 1929)
I am a boxer so I am not really familiar with the stock market works. I heard this Black Tuesday stock market crash ( that sent business into bankruptcy. Companies are beginning to lay-off employees. I heard my neighbor Joe just lost his job and I’m worried that this might affect boxing because people will no longer have spare money to buy its door tickets.

The Great Depression
It is difficult to believe that America can sink into this poverty. Almost everybody I know lost their jobs and I think that includes me already because I do not have prize fights anymore. Bills are piling up while I am not making any money.
Selling the house
It pains me but I had to sell the house. Prize fights are no longer coming because people can no longer afford to pay boxing matches. Promoters are getting conservative and are rarely staging prize fights if any. There had been no more prize fights for me but our bills continue to pile up. My family had to eat and it breaks my heart that children are now getting hungry because we didn’t have any more money to buy food. I just hope that when the economy recovers, I can again a buy a house to shelter my family.
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