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The humans tend to fall in line with overall societal and normative outlook of the society so that they should not appear aliens to the local setup. The individual behaviors remain dependent on others from the beginning. The children are known to be dependent on their parents for fulfillment of their needs and wants. The interdependencies of a society often tend individuals to mold their personal behaviors according to the cultural norms of the community (Butler pp. 17). The community is primarily responsible for providing for the fundamental necessities of life. The societies are famous for exhibiting ruthless and inhumane behaviors towards those who do not conform to the acceptable cultural practices and therefore, they are often denied basic human rights. The human life is always under the profound influence and spell of the society and because of this reason, nobody does not have the full capacity and power to act alone. The sexual life of an individual is considered a very private matter of the person but they are informally regulated by the masses. The social constructivism theory states that individuals always observe the collective behavior of the society and attempt to embrace its norms and values. ...
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Professor Name Paper Date Why Gender Problems are increasing: an Analytical Perspective Introduction The human is the most complex machinery that is ever designed by nature. The psychological studies are continuing to happen but no scientist has ever claimed that he or she is in position to completely understand human and his or her behavior…
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