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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Investing in women I have personally witnessed the kind of pain and suffering women and girls go through. I kept wondering why my society had to treat the female gender with such cruelty and brutality. I looked at the criteria of sharing out resources and realized females suffered in several occasions from neglect, or were merely overlooked by their male counterparts who feel superior and endowed to possess anything they so wished to have in this planet.


A typical case that shocked me was the ordeal of a close female friend. In fact, it is without doubt upsetting and unforgettable. Philip and I looked at the scene helplessly as Jennifer; our best friend and classmate faced the wrath of her fuming father after she refused a proposal to abandon school for a rich man her father forced her to marry. What was even more disgusting was the age difference. We had just joined college together with Jennifer. I looked at her straight in the face and realized something was amiss. Emotions were literary overcoming the slender and innocent-looking girl. The next day, I sought to inquire from her about what exactly transpired. The young girl spoke candidly; she narrated her ordeal trying to break down the difficulties, as well as challenges she had gone through in the hands of her own parents. Jennifer was categorical that men had a huge influence on female lives (Mary Wollstonecraft). ...
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