Implementation of triage protocol for nurses

Implementation of triage protocol for nurses Dissertation example
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Implementation of Triage Protocol for Nurses Introduction Assigning degree of urgency to patients based on the health conditions and nature of the disease increases the effectiveness of the treatment, and reduces the time lag between the patient’s visit and treatment.


The process starts from the visits of the patients or the calls received from the patients (telephone triage). Correct protocol needs to be identified based on the symptoms as explained by the patients. The patients are asked the relevant questions based on the check-list for confirmation to make the preliminary diagnostic procedure effective to provide the appropriate health care required. This will make the process simpler down the line for treatment and nursing. Nursing triage protocol system in an organization enhances the efficiency level and improves patient health care. The implementation of Triage Protocol in an organization involves establishment of infrastructure required for triage practice including the support services and training to the triage nurses in the triage policies of the organization and the triage procedures to be adopted on day-to-day work in triage practice. Initiating treatment in triage room calls for broader understanding and knowledge about the triage practices for efficiency in performance. Search strategy There are several permutations and combinations involved in deciding the appropriate course of treatment based on the analysis of symptoms. Triage protocols makes it easier since the diagnostic procedures are seamlessly integrated into the treatments required and the timeline. ...
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