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Essay example - Illegal Immigration and High Rating Crimes in the United States

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Illegal Immigration and High Rating Crimes in the United States Essay example
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Illegal Immigration and High Rating Crimes in the United States Name Institution Abstract Illegal Immigration and High Rating Crimes in the United States Introduction The United States government has seen an increase in the number of illegal immigrants settling in the country…

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Hypotheses H0: There is no correlation between the high number of illegal immigrants and the high level of hate crimes in xxxx area. H1: There is a correlation between the high number of illegal immigrants and the high level of hate crimes in xxxx area. Main Objective The main objective of this paper will be establish if there is a correlation between the rising number of illegal immigrants in the United States and the high rate of hate crimes. Specific objectives 1, To establish the existence of hate crimes in the US 2. To establish the level of hate crimes in the US 3. To establish the level of illegal immigration in the US 4. To establish the relationship between hate crimes and illegal immigration in xxx, yyyy state of the US. Limitation Owing to the size and population of the United States of America, it would need a lot of resources and time to perform a study that covers the entire country. Under conditions such as these, it is only is reasonable to limit the study to a specific geographical location. This he Background of the study Hate Crimes Sociologists and other experts have defined hate crime generally as crime that is targeted at victims due to their affiliation to particular a social group (Stotzer, 2007). ...
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