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A person that greatly influenced in my development was a coworker at a job I had a few years ago. His name was George Lucas. George was my immediate supervisor at the office. I was a part-time administrative assistant at the firm.


He was a very kind person that had innate leadership abilities. He was also a part time professor at a local university. At that job I learn how to be a professional due to the influence George had one me. He would always dedicate some time at work just to talk to me about work related matters, current affairs, and personal advice. Whenever I had any doubts about a work task I always felt the freedom and confident to ask help from George. He was always willing to provide assistance. When one of our co-workers took a vacation George vouched for me to our boss and I receive a special assignment of replacing the co-worker while on vacation. My weekly shift increased from 20 hours to 40 hours for a one month period. My work duties changed during that period. During that time I demonstrated to the manager that I was a capable worker that was a quick learner. I was able to adapt very fast to my new work environment. My paycheck increased by twice the size thanks to George Lucas during that month. I considered George Lucas my mentor, friend, and the best co-worker I had the privilege to work with.

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