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Admission/Application Essay example - Healthcare Professional

High school
Admission/Application Essay
Creative Writing
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As far back as I can recall, there was never a time when I dreamt of being anything other than a healthcare professional. While other children my age dreamt of being firemen, policeman or, quite simply and unrealistically, superheroes, I want to be a healer…

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The primary reason why I chose pharmaceutical studies was my academic inclinations. During my high school years I sat for courses relevant to both medical and pharmaceutical studies. Although I found biology and life sciences very interesting, they failed to excite and interest me as much as did chemistry. It was, thus, that I became a chemistry, pre-pharmacy major at college.
At college, and largely due to the fact that I had settled upon the study of the subject which interested me more than any other, I did very well. I graduated with a 3.7 GPA and achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA three times. I was named on the Dean’s List every semester throughout my studies and on the President’s Honor Student List three times. I excelled at my academic studies. The reason is not so much that I devoted myself to my studies but that I truly enjoyed that which I was studying.
While I have no doubt that my passion for Chemistry played a seminal role in influencing my decision to become a pharmacist, my determination to improve the healthcare situation in my native country, Vietnam, played an equally important role. As a child, I frequently visited the hospital where my father worked and, as a youth, actively volunteered in many of its programs. ...
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