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Formal letter to prospective employer

With regard to the essential skills, I have, as part of my course, researched, written and presented several pieces of work, using the computer systems named and these have been well received. In my work experience, I have been team manager and member in the area of building refurbishment and contracting. As manager, I drew up plans, work rotas, ordered materials, organised transport of goods and staff, site-managed, and met deadlines consistently. This required me to remain calm and flexible at all times. A situation arose which meant work could not continue on a project with seven days left for completion. Certain vital wood paneling had been delayed at the docks and to add to the problem, two workers were sick. I arranged for another transport company to collect and deliver the materials, altered the work loads for that day so that we could still continue to operate, and worked myself with my team. We managed to meet our deadline, as I consider no problem is insurmountable, so long as I take the time to review the situation as a whole, prioritise, and adapt to the current needs. Not to do so would be detrimental to any business. ...
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I am Perry Papadoupolis, a mature student currently studying for a degree in Business Management at Insert University. I wish to apply for the post of Trainee Marketing and Press Officer with your company, as I believe I have the skills and qualities required to carry out this role successfully…
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