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Is Google Making Us Stupid? There was a time during the evolution of learning that man did not have all of the answers to the questions that he had. A time when learned men were called as such not only because of the knowledge they had learned while in school, but also because of the life experiences that taught them how to survive and evolve with the changing times.


Knowledge was now a living and breathing thing that, although not physical in appearance, had a direct and positive effect on the minds of society as people were forced to memorize the spoken word. Each and every bit of information needed to be committed to memory in order to successfully pass it on to the next generation. Then the advent of writing came about and now we had a permanent record of all these teachings to look back on anytime that we needed to. However, this knowledge was now incomplete in its solid form. It was no longer that easy to add new information to it because of the difficulties posed by the writing method of the time. And yet, we somehow managed to continue to grow this databank of information for future use. When typewriters were invented, the world of learning changed forever as it now became easier to understand the written word. Books and newspapers, these were the icing on the cake at the time. It helped people collect knowledge that they deemed important for themselves and their closest family members and friends. But that was not the end of the evolution of knowledge. Instead, it marked only the beginning. ...
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