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Technical Writing Name Institution Question 5.11 Circle Charts or Pies Charts Circle charts are circles that represent 100 percent and are often divided into sectors that represent amounts. Circle charts or pie charts are usually used top represent monetary proportions such as expenditures, income or taxes.


Constructing the charts using the computers is much easier than constructing it manually. However, although the constructing the charts by computers is easier, the guidelines for constructing the charts both manually and by using computers are similar. The pie charts must always be numbered as figure 1 or figure 2 and so on. However, if the visual (chart) is one, the numbers are excluded. The charts must also have a title and each segment or sector must be labelled concisely and clearly. In addition, arrows or lines should be used if necessary to link the labels to the segments (Picket, Laster and Staples, 2001). The chart below is an example of a pie chart. The chart is prepared by computer software graphic. It represents the total expenses of a student in Linfield College per term. These are estimates of his expenses for one of the terms in the 2011-2012 year of study (Linfield College, 2011). ...
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