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Technical Writing Activity 11.2 A compass for drawing circles: The definition is lacking in its degree of accuracy because it sounds as if it is a device composed of one solid part. This definition indicates that it refers to an instrument used in mathematics.


A fire lane is where you should not park. This definition is very poor and inadequate in educating people about safety and driving rules. This is because it can make the intended audience to define all places or spaces where parking is not allowed as a fire lane. This is wrong considering the fact that there are many other places in which parking is not allowed yet they do not qualify to be called fire lane for example pedestrian paths. The definition should indicate where fire lanes are located and their functions. A fire lane refers to a marked lane in a parking space or parking lot that is closer to a structure or building whose function is to allow access of safety equipment to the structure/building or escape route in case of emergency. A crime is a violation of the law. The degree of accuracy of this definition is low and insufficient in explaining what a crime is. This is because not all violations of the law can be regarded as crimes. An example is a breach of contract. This applies to individuals involved and it only qualifies to be called an offence or a wrong. An act can only qualify to be called a crime if it is a wrong against the public. This means it has to be within the parameters of the natural laws of the land. ...
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