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NAME COURSE # SECTION # ASSIGNMENT # MENTOR 13.6 b. Dear MENTOR’S NAME: An unofficial report was conducted on the training given to new employees at Zales the Diamond Store over a period of three months. The process may be broken down into three distinct parts: sales, computer, and inventory.


how to sell, customer service, merchandise knowledge. By the end of the third month, the employee flows without assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact me in regards to any questions or concerns about this report. Sincerely, YOUR NAME 1. Course- Mythology (English Department) Lesson- Odes Assignment – Greek and Roman View on Life and Death in Horace’s Odes. Five page paper. Works Cited Page. Minimum sources 3. Deadline: two weeks. Step One: Obtain correct materials. In this case, the Jame’s Michie translation of Horace’s Odes, 2002. Step Two: Read and highlight portions of Horace’s Odes that pertain directly to life and death. Note line and page numbers. Step Three: Seek other credible sources that better explain or discuss the idea of how Romans viewed life and death that refer to Horace’s poems and cite them with evidence in the main source to back your argument. Step Four: Write the paper with the correct amount of pages and sources. Reread for grammar and spelling then again for clarity and flow. Step Five: Make sure to turn the paper in by the deadline to avoid losing unnecessary points. 2. The particular lesson above will be graded as follows: A. Compliance of instructions (15 points) B. Content (25 points) C. Grammar and spelling (20 points) D. Ease of explanation, flow, proper citation, evidence, and relevancy (30 points) E. ...
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