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NAME COURSE # SECTION # ASSIGNMENT # MENTOR 14.6 The purpose of this proposal is to raise money for a No Kill Animal Shelter. The audience in the proposal is aimed at the manager and owner of the company. The audience in which the plan is geared toward are animal lovers of all ages.


Please consider my proposal. Observations and recommendations: Firstly, the design and output of the dog cages in regard to easy public access can be improved upon to increase successful adoptions. I have included a simple sketch to show you how best to optimize the shelter’s outdoor facility for dogs. By increasing the cage-size, it not only allows for multiple-dog living, but also improved social behavior in the animals. This in turn will shed the best light possible on the dogs when future-prospects enter the property. It also makes it easier to locate the shed in the rear of the area so a) it is out of the way from the public b) easier for employees to go to and from and c) lessens the chance of dogs escaping as it is within the fencing. Furthermore, to increase profits, this new design should be photographed and implemented on the No Kill website. The website should be updated weekly to avoid past-dates and appearing non-working to the possible donators. I also wish to note that, although the descriptions of the dogs are “adorable and cheeky,” they lack complete honesty. Not every dog is going to be “friendly, family-loving companions.” The more honest you are the better. It not only sets you up for successful adoptions, but it builds more interest as the customers’ can trust you. ...
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