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FL Part I: FL’s Statement My parents immigrated to the US from Mexico in search of better opportunities and to escape the limited opportunities accorded them in Mexico. It has been very difficult for my family, particularly with the ongoing financial crisis and job losses.


Quite often there is nothing left after discharging my mother’s medical bills. My family’s financial struggles have put me at a disadvantage in school. We cannot afford to buy new school clothes and shoes and I am quite often wearing old and worn clothes and shoes to school and this makes me self-conscious, particularly when other school children are dressed smartly. We cannot afford a computer which puts me at a greater disadvantage. Quite often I have assignments that require the use of a computer. Although I can use the library’s computer, I can ill afford the time. Without bus fare, I have to walk home from school and using the library would cause serious delays. I quite often feel so despaired that I fear I might have a breakdown. I believe that a scholarship would greatly reduce some of the financial burdens on my family and would put my family in a better position to support my education. To begin with, I would be able to purchase a home computer and the necessary school supplies. With these burdens lifted I would be in a better position to focus on my education and produce at a much higher level. Part II: Counselor’s Recommendations FL is a focused student with a clear understanding of where he wants to go in life and is keenly aware of the obstacles he has to overcome to get there. ...
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