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However, it was only in recent decades human started to realize that the diseases he experience is mainly due to his meat based diet. Human can digest both plant and meat based food, but human contract disease on eating meat because he is naturally an herbivorous. Just because a food is palatable does not mean that it is compatible with the body. Meat is tasty, nutritious but it s not easily digestible by human body. Today, people are victimized to so many diseases for which blame can be put on the abundant meat they consume. Animal based food products have high fat content which lead to major diseases like heart attack, cancer and obesity. It is normally observed that a person who is vegetarian is less disturbed by illnesses as his body is free of animal fat and other poisonous enzymes from animal food products. Human body and meat eating Meat eating is the natural instinct of animals and human body is not naturally designed to digest meat .If we naturally assess the affinity we have to the raw meat and blood of animal, we can understand the choice of our body. No human being is attracted to uncooked meat and body organs of a dead animal .We instead feel disgusted and repulsive to the sight of a dead animal with its body organs protruding out. As per (Bluejay,2002)“Our teeth, saliva, stomach acid, and intestines are most similar to other plant-eaters, and dissimilar to carnivores and true omnivores”. Moreover, the length of our intestine is bigger than that of a carnivores animal, which assist in digestion of plants based food. Human unlike animals does not possess claws nor do they sweat through tongue. It is also found out that excessive meat eating can reduce the life span of a normal human being and make him diseased at a younger age. If human are naturally designed for meat eating then he should not be harmed by this diet. It takes a long time for the human intestine to digest meat as it rots in the body and give negative effect to the body. It increases the cholesterol level in the human body and creates heart problems and other ailment to human body. When nature has not provided us with the faculties to hunt and obtain meat then it does not make sense to claim that we are meat eaters. Animal suffering on their killing Animal suffering during their killing is a significant reason to justify the vegetarian diet as it is a non – violent form of obtaining food. When human beings are killed poisonous enzymes are released in to their body which is ingested by human on its consumption. Moreover, we are taking away the life of a living being who has been granted a right to live by the creator of this universe. No human has the right to kill another living being, which has equal right as us to live on the planet. In addition to this, the pain and struggle which an animal undergoes while their slaughter is unimaginable and unforgivable. Nowadays animals are killed in an extremely cruel manner which can horrify any meat eater to a great level. “But many people refuse to eat meat because of the inhumane treatment of the animals and the animal suffering that are mass-produced to feed the population”(Being Vegetarian,2008). The mass slaughtering of animals in the slaughter house is a pain afflicting sight and they are treated with utmost cruelty a before killing. Giving pain and obtaining food is not suited to human being who are naturally emotional and loving by nature. When we eat flesh of an animal we are ...Show more


Topic - Vegetarianism is the natural diet for humans Introduction Human beings have been on meat died since long time, ever since he was an uncivilized group of inhabitant on earth. Human were not surviving solely on meat, but had a combined diet of plant and meat based food…
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