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Water is life. No one can survive without any water for long. Water used to be a very abundant resource until Man started polluting his environment and water became scarce. It is a bit pathetic that sometimes there is water but it is not usable or potable.


Water is like air in a sense it should be free for everybody as a common property resource, like clean air. It is quite ironic that much of the Earth is covered by water but there is now an on-going water crisis. It is a problem that has been compounded by mismanagement, politics and wrong policies. The threat of a water crisis is very real and most people are not even aware of it yet. Sometimes a sense of urgency of solving this problem is lacking until it is too late to do anything and then suffer its adverse consequences causing untold misery and numerous unnecessary deaths. It used to be that water from any source is clean and safe to drink, whether from the spring, river, lake or artesian well. Prior to the advent of the Industrial Revolution, this was a case usually in most rural areas. But the rise of factories and urban centers occasioned by the Industrial Revolution forced many people to live in congested and confined areas with little or no regard to sanitation. Before Western medicine and scientific research took hold, epidemics were fairly common, most of them caused by dirty water that had water-borne diseases in it. A new paradigm must be pursued regarding water resources, that although it is renewable, it is a not inexhaustible resource. There are many instances and situations where there is plenty of water but none of it is drinkable due to pollution. This paper examines a modern phenomenon of water being sold for profit, an unthinkable situation even just a few decades ago. ...
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