Etruscan and Roman Art

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Student Professor Course 21 November 2011 The Temple of ME This temple is the enshrinement to me. I have been laid to rest here many moons ago. A one walks up to my ancient temple; there is a stone path trimmed with bushes that leads from the sidewalk about 500 feet to the initial steps that you have to take to walk down and even yourself with the floor of my temple.


You walk through a series of 25 foot tall Corinthian columns holding up the entry way. On the way in you see tapestries that tell of the early demise of myself after a lifetime’s work of help others in their times of need. Across from the entrance, unbeknownst to anyone, behind a mysteriously tall block of granite with a rather large bust of myself as though I was dressed like Brutus of the Roman Court. My features, however, are quite young compared to former Roman Senator, is a secret stairwell leading downwards into the catacombs below the temple where my Etruscan terra cotta sarcophagus lays. Up above, in the temple it self, as you look around the curved white granite walls of the Parthenon style temple, you can see tapestries hanging evenly from one another depicting the different stages of my life right up to the moment of my gruesome death at the hands of my own troops due to their betrayal. These tapestries are woven fabrics trimmed in the finest threads that are telling the life story. ...
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