Potential Hardship that young adult encounter after aging out of foster care

Potential Hardship that young adult encounter after aging out of foster care Dissertation example
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Potential Hardship That Young Adults Encounter after Going Out Of Foster Care Name Instructor Task Date Foster care describes the care given to minors placed in wards of private homes. The children are usually placed under the care of a person known as a foster parent.


Young adults are entitled to leave foster care in case their biological parents come for them and it is viewed as serving the interests of the child better. (Meltzer, 2003). This paper examines the current debate concerning the hardships that young people encounter after foster care. It also evaluates the need for alternative measures for easing the difficulties that young people face after leaving foster care. Research carried out by Kurman, Freunlich and Maluccio (2009) indicates that since the inception of foster care in the United States, over half a million children have been placed in these homes from the end of the year 2000. The authors continue to state that these numbers have been decreasing in the recent past with 423,773 children being in this care in the year 2009. This represents a 20% drop in their numbers during that decade, and the number of African American children in this care accounts for 40% of the children, whereas Whites account for 20% of children under foster care (Kurman, Freunlich & Maluccio, 2009). The remaining percentage of children in foster care is composed of children from the Hispanic community (Kurman, Freunlich & Maluccio, 2009). Other reports by Krebs and Pitcoff (2006) indicate that most of the children who enter this care do so involuntarily. This occurs when the children encounter neglect from their guardians, and are bound to encounter many physical or psychosomatic problems. ...
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